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Home of the Roro Burgersold to date: 518

Meet the Chef

Rohit Aggarwal

Our Chef is a dreamer chaser. After having zero professional experience in cooking, and 110% experience in being a security officer in the heart of Toronto, our chef started a journey to dream fulfillment.

"I always knew that I didn't want to work someone and I wanted to start something on my own, but I just didn't know what." said Rohit. 

"Back in Uni, I used to cook for my boys," that passion turned into a reality that he couldn't have imagined at the time. 

"I realized later that I had always been fond of cooking. I would watch my Mom as a kid working around the kitchen and I picked up on tips and tricks. My Dad used to work at an Indian restaurant in the GTA and I learned all about the marination of curries and how to flavor meat accordingly. ."

 Live doesn't come with a plan, you have to make it happen. Our Chef is a self made man an cook.

"I started off as Rohit and am now Ro. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Pura Enjoy."